The Indep Smugglers

A trio of smugglers


Appears in: The Kindness of Strangers


A trio of Indeps who appeared to be smuggling Aborean goods through Sigil. They operated out of Jack Ingram’s neighbor’s house—and had a stash hidden under Ingram’s staircase that the Heartless himself hadn’t noticed.

They are:

“Joss” – a human male in his mid-thirties. A big, red-headed guy with a nose that was broken once was just not-quite-properly-set, leading to an audible whistle in his septum when he talks. Has the Indep symbol tattooed on his left bicep. Laughs a lot.

“Brann” – bariaur male, does most of the heavy lifting. Long brown hair, sepia spiral tattoos on his chest, back, and probably under most of his wool, which is shaved in spiral patterns.

“The aasimar” – a delicate, pixielike woman with short light brown hair and pale green skin. Carries a crossbow, seems to know how to use it.

The Indep Smugglers

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