Mr. Bridge

The mysterious founder of the Bridge Company.


Bridge always speaks of himself in third person.

Bridge is almost always in disguise.

Bridge is probably a man but we’re really not sure.

He is known to pontificate on the nature of mysteries and secrets. “I don’t solve mysteries,” says Bridge. “Mysteries are fundamentally unsolvable. They can have answers - which are inevitably facile and obsequious - but they cannot have true solutions.

Bridge disappeared about six months ago.

“Mazed,” says Giltbrow, making a half-circle sign over his heart. He shrugs when you ask him what for.

“Probably an Anarchist who got th’ rope,” whispers Ianna.

“Fell into an Ooze puddle and died,” says Shenna the half-blood on one of her down days. Her voice is flat and her tail flicks limply once or twice before she settles back into her pillows and closes her eyes.

“Do any of you have the authority to access the business trust in order to pay the rent?” asks Miss Chamomile.

Mr. Bridge

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