The Harmonium

<font>The Harmonium</font>

Criterion</font> Affiliation Score Modifier
Character Level +1/2 per level
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (local) +1 per 5 ranks
<font>5 or more ranks in both Diplomacy and Sense Motive 1
Base attack bonus of +10 or higher +1
Is from Ortho +3
Has been to Arcadia +1
Has arrested a criminal or troublemaker +1 per arrest (CR greater than or equal to the PC's level only)
Has arrested a notorious criminal or troublemaker +1 per arrest (in addition to above, if applicable)
Has written a treatise on Harmonium philosophy +3
Evil Alignment -6
Nonlawful Alignment -25
Disobeying an order of a superior officer (first offense) -2
Disobeying an order of a superior officer (each additional offense) -4
Disrupting the public order or breaking the law (each offense) -3

Affiliation Score Title: Effects
3 or lower No affiliation
4-10 Notary: Charm Person 1/day, -2 on Will saves vs. higher-ranked Harmonium members, -2 on Charisma checks (excluding Intimidation) w/ criminals and chaotic individuals in Harmonium-controlled areas
11-20 <font>Measure (Factotum): bonus feat: weapon focus, Patrol Duty
21-29 <font>Mover 1-3 (Factor): Hardheaded defense (+2 morale bonus on Will saves vs. fear and magical effects affecting emotion), -1 AC vs. attacks with chaotically-aligned weapons
30+ <font>Mover 4-5 (Factor): Greater Command 1/day, Focused Purpose
Patrol Duty: The PC has regular patrol duties (or other duties as assigned). Shirking this responsibility counts as disobeying the order of a superior officer.

Focused Purpose: The PC has aligned his thoughts wit Harmonium dogma. She cannot use chaotically aligned abilities or items. When on a Chaotically aligned plane, she suffers a -2 penalty to Will saves.