Tag: Arborea


  • The Indep Smugglers

    A trio of Indeps who appeared to be smuggling Aborean goods through Sigil. They operated out of Jack Ingram's neighbor's house -- and had a stash hidden under Ingram's staircase that the Heartless himself hadn't noticed. They are: "Joss" - a human …

  • Hamfast

    A halfling who lives in Thalassia (Arborea). Lives by the River Oceanus, relying on the river to give him everything his family needs to continue its simple, carefree existence. Seems to be working out well for him so far.

  • Talliesin

    An aasimar who probably stole the Horn of Hlodyn from [[:awil-shamash | Awil-Shamash]]. A real jerk, if you ask me.