The Bridge Company

Case 10: Quagmire

The Bridge Company is hired by a young dwarf named Auric, who’s in a bind — he dropped a precious heirloom belonging to his girlfriend’s family into an Ooze puudle, ruining his plans for proposal (and, if word gets out, any chance for his intended’s family to allow the engagement). Mae, Orien(ne), and Blackrune jump into the Plane of Ooze where they discover that the ring has been taken by a daughter of the Ditch Queen, a powerful member of the Unseelie Court.

Bargains are hatched, Ravi and Fenton ensure that the dabus don’t brick over the portal while the rest of the group is inside, and Orien(ne) stops being crazy (for now).

[Interlude] Powers Bless Us, Every One

Miss Chamomile opens a letter she found in a file from Mister Bridge and finds that it contains instructions for the Company to have a gift exchange on the Feast of the Silver Dove. But how did Mister Bridge write the letter, considering that Ravi and Blackrune weren’t members of the company when he left?

Also, Orien(ne) goes nuts.

Case 9: The Martyrs

You don’t really need to know what happened in this adventure.

Case 8: My Sister's Keeper

Placeholder text? Placeholder text!

Case 7: Another Man's Treasure

A homunculus named Precious contracts the Bridge Company to help her find her owner. The Company discovers that Precious was abducted by a gnome named Xirbi, who was pursuing a project to “liberate” familiars from their masters. Precious was taken back to her owner in Ecstasy, and the Bridge Company got cookies.

[Interlude] In the Details

The Bridge Company and guests narrowly escape Bedlam and find themselves in the Crystal Palace of Phlegethos. Orien(ne)‘s father, “Duke” Hilford Emberstorm, has negotiated with Belial’s representatives for Orien(ne) and his family to have safe passage through Belial’s domain… unfortunately, this agreement does not cover Orien(ne)’s guests (namely, the rest of the PCs, Ravi, Kulnas, and Sarhad.

A deal is made with both Fierna and Belial; the Bridge Company will be allowed to leave freely, provided that they get rid of Azediel a troublesome cultist of Levistus. Fierna originally wanted the cultist dead; Belial’s representative in the form of Zammasir asked them to change a few (seemingly small) details.

Before they left, two of the Crystal Palace slaves had some contact with the party. One, [[:gregor darkmist | Gregor Darkmist]], made the Company an offer for his freedom. The other, Lavinia, spoke at length with Fenton about the illumians — a race of humanoids who she thought had been all killed in a genocidal war nearly twenty-five years ago.

The Company ventured across the Styx to the city of Icerazor. There they hatched a plan to slay Azediel, enlisting the aid of a few of her lieutenants, a few of her prisoners, and a crazed half-dead phoenix who really just wanted to die so it could be reborn again. Their plan succeeded, and they returned to Phlegethos. They picked up Ravi and Tessai (who at remained at the palace as collateral) and freed two of the slaves as part of the agreement. After a vote, they agreed to free Lavinia and a young elf boy, leaving Darkmist behind. . .

Case 6: Whispers of Bedlam

The Bridge Co. returns to Sigil to find that Ravi is missing. They find Ravi along with Chevalier Gerrard, a servant of the Emberstorm family. The noble Chevalier claims that Orienne’s family is in great danger, so the Bridge Co. goes to Bedlam.

In Bedlam, they meet up with assorted members of Orienne’s family, torture a crazy man, have an awkward family dinner, rescue her brother Bleskar from a nymph, put out some fires. In the midst of this, Orienne’s brother Desar is abducted. The fires were started by Cal Redgrin, an orc mercenary who was being possessed by a Shadow Fiend who was seemingly in cahoots with Orienne’s sister/brother Tersan and Orienne’s mother.

The city is rapidly crossing over into Pandemonium. Orienne’s father, “Duke” Hilford Emberstorm, tells the Company to escape via a hidden portal in the Citadel. The Bridge Company, Orienne’s brother Desar, and Desar’s girlfriend (?) Kulnas (and her bodyguard, Sarhad) escape, only to find themselves in…

Case 5: Lost and Found

The company is hired by Awil-Shamash to recover an item of his — the Horn of Hlodyn — that he suspects was stolen.

The players encounter Talliesin, The Indep Smugglers, Hamfast, Duma and Valgarde, the Thane of Hlodyn.

Blackrune challenged Valgarde to a fistfight and won not only the Horn of Hlodyn, but the thanedom itself — earning both a ceremonial helmet and the right to be called Thane of Hlodyn.

Case 4: Shadows Over Sandstone
August 7th and 14th

Firgonwe, after asking a few questions about memory cores and the Astral Planes, disappears.

The Bridge Company is hired by Captain Linnae of the Harmonium to solve a series of gruesome unsolved murders in the Sandstone District.

Pie is eaten.

Love Conquers Most, Part 3

In which the PCs track down Trevedic Elgantine, who is using some sort of sensory stone-like object in the basement of a teahouse owned by Factor Necthana.


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