Tristan Black


First Appearance: Shadows Over Sandstone


A middle aged man whose diabolic heritage is evidenced in his spear-headed tail. A Sigilian native, a worshipper of Kelemvor, and a respected man in the Sandstone District, though he was born in the Hive.

Tristan is a friend of Blackrune (which is odd considering Kelemvor’s stance on the undead). He has had some legal trouble before, and Xanthius the Mad implied that he was an Anarchist in Shadows Over Sandstone, though his outward allegiance is to the Sinkers.

Though much of his past is murky, he is known for being wise and having an unshakable will. His health is poor, though he is also capable of some healing magics, which is rare for a Sinker or a Doomguide.

Tristan Black

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