The Bridge Company

Case 6: Whispers of Bedlam

The Bridge Co. returns to Sigil to find that Ravi is missing. They find Ravi along with Chevalier Gerrard, a servant of the Emberstorm family. The noble Chevalier claims that Orienne’s family is in great danger, so the Bridge Co. goes to Bedlam.

In Bedlam, they meet up with assorted members of Orienne’s family, torture a crazy man, have an awkward family dinner, rescue her brother Bleskar from a nymph, put out some fires. In the midst of this, Orienne’s brother Desar is abducted. The fires were started by Cal Redgrin, an orc mercenary who was being possessed by a Shadow Fiend who was seemingly in cahoots with Orienne’s sister/brother Tersan and Orienne’s mother.

The city is rapidly crossing over into Pandemonium. Orienne’s father, “Duke” Hilford Emberstorm, tells the Company to escape via a hidden portal in the Citadel. The Bridge Company, Orienne’s brother Desar, and Desar’s girlfriend (?) Kulnas (and her bodyguard, Sarhad) escape, only to find themselves in…



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