The Bridge Company

Cases 2 & 3: Love Conquers Most

The company returns after the conclusion of the previous case to find that there are two other cases waiting for them upon their return.

The first case is offered by a wealthy human woman named Favrielle Elgantine, who seemed to want the PCs to find proof that her dwarf husband, Trevedic, was unfaithful. Whether the proof was genuine or not, of course, seemed immaterial to her… and she was willing to pay the party quite handsomely for “proof” of his infidelity…

Mae went to Elgantine Jewelers to see Trevedic face-to-face. She inquired about a private jewel-viewing party—in order to provide a cover, of course, for getting a good picture of the fellow in order to divine on him later!

After the interview, the Company headed to the Lower Ward to inquire about their second prospective client: a man who came to the agency claiming to be ill. But why would a sick man go to a detective agency and not a surgeon or a temple?



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