The Bridge Company

Case 1: Bright Lights, Big City

The first case of the campaign begins with Awil-shamash, champion of Marduk, asking the Bridge Company to help him locate two lost petitioners from Azuth’s domain on behalf of a friend of his (who wants them returned as quickly as possible to avoid censure for losing track of them in the first place). The petitioners are She-Who-Heals-Walks-By-Sun-Dances-By-Moon, a half-elf, and Exacting Rightness of Purpose, a lantern archon.

The petitioners in question accidentally wandered into Sigil, Awil-shamash explains, through a one-way portal located by a shrine to Mystra in the Market Ward. The PCs investigate, and after bribing an incense seller nearby about any lantern archons he might have seen, are directed to Remy Tenfingers at The Patched Boot, a rough establishment in the Market Ward.

The Bridge Company investigates the Patched Boot. A few vrocks are playing a variation of the knife game which Fenton is drafted for—though he distracts them via a muttered word in a language no one else in establishment had ever heard before…

Though Remy does not respond directly, the Bridge Co. is directed to Kaleidoscope, a lounge frequented by Sensates, where they find Exacting Rightness of Purpose who is currently being used as a sort of combination fancy lamp and one-”man” band. ERoP is shoved into a Bag of Holding by Mae, Fenton argues with the bouncer while Fir saps him, Dasyo makes an unlikely friend, and the proprietor of Kaleidoscope gets seriously annoyed that her entertainment is missing…



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